An Educational Journey to Understand

Life, The Universe, and Everything.

What if magic is real?

What would you do?

Would you change the world?

Imagine the Law of Attraction through the lens of a design-thinking master.
Learn why your brain needs a leash, and how to train it.
Learn the secrets that "The Secret" left out.
Learn why positive frequency still requires action.

Constructive feedback and comments are welcome to facilitate sharing and improve the transfer of knowledge.

Jeremy Benjamin Tank

Hi, I’m Jeremy Benjamin Tank

I hold an MFA in Design from Full Sail University (2017) and a BFA in Design from the Art Institute of Phoenix (2000).

My mother was an ordained doctoral theologian with a masters degree in marketing. My father is a brilliant captain and professional diver who suffered a spinal embolism and learned to retrain his brain. 

I use design thinking to create meaningful impact for business owners, entrepreneurs, and brands.

I believe in designing life for intentional growth.

I'm curious about the stuff that makes our brains and the universe work.

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The Universe and the Limit of Everything

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The Universe and the Curse of Forgetfulness

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The Universe and the Reality of the Physical

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the brain requires a leash

The Universe and the Manifestation Plan

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